Once a site that teemed with traders and a place to which the faithful flocked, this neighbourhood has now become a hub of art and social engagement scattered with galleries and various associations. Where else could we be but in the Ticinese district?


A spot where ancient walls once stood and where majestic basilicas still soar, this corner of town is rich with history and dotted with collections, art workshops and charity organisations eager to serve society.


The neighborhood




The Ticinese neighbourhood takes you on a journey through time, ushering you from ancient Rome to the Spanish rule, and then to Napoleonic times. As you wander the streets, sight after sight will lift your soul, inspire your mind and feed your appetite for culture. Just lift your head to admire surviving Milanese guard-rail flats (tenements with a communal balcony) that once overlooked an ancient waterway, or stop in awe before one of the museums and foundations.

A day with… Benedetta Artefacile


With an immense social media following, Benedetta Colomba is better known under the pen name Benedetta Artefacile. Passionate about spreading culture, she accompanies us as we discover this fascinating neighbourhood, sharing her precious knowledge and telling us all about its attractions, hidden gems and local culture. She brings the history of the Ticinese district alive.

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Porta Romana

Experience the neighborhood:


Experience the neighborhood:


Experience the neighborhood: