Considering the location in the middle of the Po Valley, the originality of this place can already be understood from its name: Isola (literally “island”).


The city has a district that is truly liveable; where graffiti artists, artists, carpenters and designers feed a melting-pot of new ideas, reinterpreted and taken on by the community. 

The neighborhood



The old case di ringhiera apartments and mirrored façades of more recent structures frame historic shops and artisan workshops that dictate the latest style trends, making Isola a district where the dialogue between past, present and future is central.


A day withSimple Flair


A fine day, a takeaway coffee enjoying the view of towering skyscrapers and a wander around a district that is part provincial town and part big city. Today we will discover Isola with the help of Simple Flair, an architecture and creative partnership of international renown who will accompany us in discovery of the district, exploring historic shops, hidden corners, design studios and futuristic architecture, hearing the stories of those who live and breathe the area. 


Dils Podcast – Isola


The protagonist of the new episode of the podcast This is my Milano is Isola, one of the city’s most vital districts. Giorgio Terruzzi traces its history starting from Porta Garibaldi, which once appeared as a large green expanse crossed by a railway. Things have changed since then and the district has evolved, becoming home to imposing skyscrapers, such as the famous Bosco Verticale, and hosting a rich nightlife in its streets.



Thanks to the fighting spirit of Isola’s inhabitants, however, the neighbourhood still remains tied to its traditions and the new modern buildings and fascinating historic buildings, including Casa Ghiringhelli and Casa Toninelli, proudly coexist in it. Terruzzi meets journalist Giangiacomo Schiavi, a great connoisseur of the area, and Marco Bozzetto, one of the founders of one of Isola’s most popular bars, the Frida bar.

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Experience the neighborhood:


Experience the neighborhood:

Porta Romana

Experience the neighborhood:


Experience the neighborhood: