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Dils firmly believes in giving back value to the community. For us, Give Back is not just a way to act or think – it’s part of our DNA. We’re proud to join the community and support its needs, because we know that our achievements further the well-being of the neighborhoods where we work.

That’s why we support specific projects aiming to make our cities a better place. We believe that in doing so, we can have a positive impact on the community and make a difference in people’s lives.

Besides providing concrete support to local communities, we believe that showcasing the beauty of our cities with stories and unique content about authentic places can add even more value to each place.

This is my Milano, part of our Give Back initiative, will start off in our home base of Milan and will travel to more Italian and European cities. The first stop-off will be Porta Romana, but in the next few months we will also explore Isola, Maggiolina, Lambrate, Monti-Magenta and Scalo Porta Romana.

Racconti di quartiere
This is my Milano

A project supporting Milan’s neighborhoods with activities to foster local development and promote content showcasing the city’s lesser known stories and places.

Our Give Back to the community


We also believe in the importance of supporting those organizations working everyday to make our cities more accessible. We appreciate their valuable activity and want to help. In doing so, we hope to set a good example, restore value and play our part in creating a better future. For us at Dils, social responsibility means supporting art and culture, performing arts, sport, education, the younger generations and the most vulnerable parts of society.

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Founded in 1972 and directed since then by Andrée Ruth Shammah, Teatro Franco Parenti (with its Bagni Misteriosi swimming pools, renovated in 2016) is one of the country’s most innovative and deeply-rooted cultural landmarks. Vibrant, inclusive and constantly evolving, it embraces both tradition and bold experimentation. It is a crossroads of artistic languages with an urban pulse and a multidisciplinary vocation.

Abilità Onlus is an association founded in 1998 in Milan to provide services and innovative projects for children with special needs and their families. It operates in the fields of leisure, education, schools, housing and, more generally, works to promote accessibility and inclusion for people with disabilities.

Teatro Oscar is a neighborhood theatre founded in the 1950s and run by the “Il Teatro degli Incamminati” company since 2019. The “deSidera” project, run with passionate dedication by Giacomo Poretti, Gabriele Allevi and Luca Doninelli, focuses on the city of Milan, its history, culture and identity with special concern for the younger generations.

Museo Diocesano Carlo Maria Martini di Milano is housed in the cloister of Sant’Eustorgio church, one of the most prestigious monumental buildings in Milan. Its permanent collection features more than one thousand artefacts representing the history of the arts from the second century AD to current times.

Since 2009, the Fondazione Costruiamo il Futuro has supported organizations that embrace the subsidiarity principle in the social, cultural and economic field locally and nationally. In particular, it focuses on charity and has created the “Costruiamo il Futuro” prize to support social, sports and cultural third-sector associations.

Veneranda Fabbrica del Duomo di Milano is a local institution dedicated to preserving and enhancing Milan’s Cathedral. Founded in 1387 by Gian Galeazzo Visconti, ruler of Milan, it works for the conservation and restoration of Milan’s Duomo and the enhancement of its heritage.

Comunità Sant’Egidio di Roma was founded in Rome in 1968 and since then has grown into a community, now active in more than 70 countries worldwide. Working principally to help “outskirts and outcasts”, it brings together people of all ages and outlooks, united by a commitment to working voluntarily for peace and the poor.

Since 1848, Fondazione Istituto Buon Pastore has offered help to young girls in need. It operates alongside youth assistance institutions and runs dynamic education programs in local communities.

AIM is a non-profit organization created in 1987 to support Milan’s cultural, social and economic development by promoting projects, research and publications. It advocates studies and research on Milan, its particular features and needs, and also works on concrete projects for culture, arts and the community.

For more than 25 years, the Real Estate Management Master Course promoted by REC – Real Estate Center at Politecnico di Milano, has stood out for its continuous innovation in Real Estate training and education, working with universities and companies to train real estate professionals and help them embrace new challenges.

REInnovation Academy is a management and economic-financial education program that prepares junior professionals for direct entry into the working world. This project is part of “REInnovation Lab”, a real estate research and training platform, created by the SDA Bocconi School of Management and Confindustria Assoimmobiliare.

Fondo Mutuo Soccorso del Comune di Milano was established in 2020 by the municipality of Milan to help those struggling during the Coronavirus emergency and to support the city’s recovery.

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