From the integration between Redilco and Sigest, a new way of conceiving the Real Estate is born, Dils. Our approach is different and innovative, and boasts fifty years of experience.

We are passionate experts of the most important cities in Europe.

We are familiar with the nature of every district, the soul of every neighbourhood, and the vocation of every building. And we keep moving further and further forward.

50 years without once limiting ourselves to facades or definitions.

Potential is what we have at heart.

Imagine your future space is the tagline of the campaign launching our new brand identity, stressing the importance of imagining and reflecting on the very idea of “city” and future spaces. A reflection which is part of a wider urban regeneration process, aiming to make cities more sustainable and inclusive. An invitation to imagine a different future for the many elements influencing the lifestyle of citizens and communities: from arts to culture, from architecture to fashion; from how a residential solution should be, to the actual purchase experience, right to work environments and last-mile logistics.