3. Famagosta, Barona

An area far from the city chaos, very close to Navigli and the Parco Agricolo Sud, where you can immerse in creativity, art and culture thanks to many meeting places and university branches.

Key Details

What to expect

A residential area which is strategically connected to the city center and crossed by the Navigli and pedestrian and cycle paths leading to the Parco Agricolo Sud


It is an area meant for those who want to live far from the city centre chaos, in contact with nature but also involved in the many social and cultural initiatives promoted by locals

What not to expect

Monumental buildings and many pedestrian areas

Real estate market

Here we can find ancient farmsteads, Liberty-style apartment buildings, post-war buildings, former factories and social housing projects

You are going to fall in love with

Suggestive industrial archaeology spaces situated very close to paddy fields and cornfields


Residential area, suburbs, working-class area, Navigli, Parco Agricolo Sud, countryside, green spaces, upgrading, social regeneration, ex factories, creativity, Social Housing, well-connected to the public transportation, young people, neighborhood stores, big supermarkets, multiethnicity, Old Milan, pedestrian and cycle paths, graffiti, sport, IULM

Commute times

Duomo: 20 min. by car, 40 min. by public transportation
Castello Sforzesco: 20 min. by car, 30 min. by public transportation
Central Cadorna: 20 min. by car, 30 min. by public transportation
Central Station: 30 min. by car, 40 min. by public transportation
Milano Malpensa: 40 min. by car, 1h 30min. by public transportation
Milano Linate: 20 min. by car, 1h by public transportation


Closest underground lines
Line 2 (Stops Romolo, Famagosta, both with interchange car parks)
Line 4 (Stops Tolstoj, Frattini, Gelsomini, Segneri, San Cristoforo; it will be completed in 2023)

Surface Transport
Well connected to both trams and buses

Railroad Service
There are no stations, the closest one is the Porta Genova railway station

Highways and freeways
20 min from the A1, 20 min from the A4, 5 min from A7, 25 min from A8, 20 min from the East freeway, 15 min West freeway, 30 min North freeway


East: Tolstoj street, Alzaia Naviglio Grande, Cassala avenue, Main Road 35, Chiesa Rossa street

West: Town of Buccinasco and Corsico

North: Lorenteggio street

South: Town of Assago

Neighborhood areas
16. Bande Nere, Inganni
17. Napoli, Soderini
18. Navigli
4. Abbiategrasso, Chiesa Rossa
1. San Siro, Trenno

A walk through the district

A peripheral area whose industrial past survives next to spaces where nature is the sole protagonist.
Creativity and youth participation are the cornerstones around which the life of the whole community develops.

What to expect

A rapidly changing area where city and countryside are engaged in a constant dialogue thanks to efficient connections and pedestrian and cycle paths. Here, creativity is the real protagonist which can be found in former factories that have been refurbished, artisanal laboratories, and street art.
You will also feel part of a close community which promotes various types of initiatives and cultural events.


This area is particularly suitable to young people and families looking for the comforts and the energy of city living while enjoying the tranquillity of the countryside. With its markets, trendy bars, creative hubs and meeting centers, the neighbourhood offers a liveable  urban dimension where old and new residents live together with a multiethnic community.

What not to expect

This area is not meant for those who love locations full of historical and monumental buildings, with vast pedestrian areas. However, you will be amazed by its cultural vitality and the many street art works which are testament to the creative energy that characterizes this neighbourhood.

Real Estate market

The area offers ancient farmsteads, former factories, working-class apartment buildings and brand-new residential complexes, including social housing initiatives.

You are going to love…

You will love the story of Richard Ginori and will be amazed by the moveable iron bridge on the Naviglio Grande, which was made with the same technology used for the Eiffel Tower. You will have the opportunity of walking amid paddy fields and cornfields, with the city center close by, and admire the unique architecture of the San Giovanni Bono Church.

Behind the corner

Close to this area, you will find both the lively Tortona-Savona design neighbourhood and the tranquil San Cristoforo sul Naviglio. Not too far are also the Jewish district, the Mediolanum Forum of Assago and the Milanofiori shopping mall.

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