1. San Siro, Trenno

A residential area of architectural value, with ample green spaces and many sports facilities developed around the San Siro stadium, ideal for those looking to live in a peaceful environment, amidst nature but with good connections to the city center.

Key Details

What to expect

A green and tranquil residential area


It is ideal for those who love being in contact with nature and practicing outdoor sports, just a few minutes away from the city center

What not to expect

An area with lots of shopping streets and bars

Real estate market

The neigbourhood offers apartment buildings, luxurious villas with swimming pool, and social housing projects

You are going to fall in love with

You will fall in love with the vast green spaces that characterize the area


Parks, green public zone, sports facilities, mansions, pools, sport, gardens, closeness to the highway, underground lines, Social Housing, trade area, bike paths, nature, community centers, stillness, countryside, hippodrome, stadium, lidos.

Commute times

Duomo: 30 min. by car, 15 min. by public transportation
Castello Sforzesco: 30 minn, by car, 13 min. by public transportation
Cadorna Station: 16 min. by car, 13 min. by public transportation
Central Station: 23 min. by car, 30 min. by public transportation
Milano Malpensa: 34 min. by car, 1h 10min. by public transportation
Milano Linate: 30 min. by car, 56 min. by public transportation


Closest underground lines
Line 1 (Stops Lotto, QT8, Lampugnano, Uruguay, Bonola, San Leonardo, Molino Dorino)
Line 5 (Stops Lotto, Segesta, San Siro Hippodrome, San Siro Stadium)

Surface Transport
Well connected with both trams and buses

Railroad Service
Close to the Domodossola Station

Highways and freeways
25 min from the A1, 6 min from the A4, 20 min from A7, 10 min from A8, 25 min from the East freeway, 20 min West freeway, 20 min North freeway


East: Alcide de Gasperi street, Serra avenue, Lotto square, Murillo avenue, Brescia square, Ranzoni street

West: Novara street, Pio II street, Cave Park

North: Fontanili Park (Town of Pero, Rho, Vighignolo)

South: Forze Armate street, Chinotto street, Novara street, Rembrandt street

Neighborhood areas
14. Certosa, Cascina Merlata
15. Fiera, Sempione, CityLife, Portello
16. Bande Nere, Inganni

A walk through the district

A green neighbourhood with residential areas which symbolize the post-war rebuilding, for example QT8 and Gallaratese, and old peripheral villages, which were once lapped by the Olona river.

What to expect

A vast area with both working-class and lordly residential areas, interspersed with the biggest parks in the city. The San Siro area is considered as the sport citadel of Milan.


The area offers a lifestyle in direct contact with nature with parks hosting lakes and woods, big sports facilities, residential areas equipped with all services, breathless mansions and social housing projects.

What not to expect

An area full of shopping streets and bars. This neighbourhood is characterized by residential buildings which live in symbiosis with the surrounding nature and is meant for practicing outdoor activities.

Real Estate market

The QT8, Gallaratese, San Siro and Figino residential areas are interspersed with vast equipped green spaces and offer a range of properties suitable to any requirement.

You are going to love

You will fall in love with Monte Stella, San Siro’s “Montagnetta”, and the numerous trails hidden in the parks.

Behind the corner

This neigbourhood is situated on the north-western border of the city, only a few minutes from the highway entrance and the Western bypass. The proximity to the Rho Fiera exhibition center makes it a strategic location during big international exhibitions. The area offers a series of shops and it’s close to the Portello mall and the exclusive CityLife Shopping District. The city center is easily accessible by public transportation.

Featured Properties