13. Affori, Bovisa

Many little villages inside the city where you can explore the ancient Milan with its restaurants, workshops, and cultural organizations that dialogue with a lively multiethnic dimension. The presence of the Politecnico di Milano attracts many students from across Italy and the world every year.

Key Details

What to expect

A residential area with a strong multi-ethnic presence, well connected to the public transportation system and where there are lots of local shops, vastcommercial spaces and many services.


It is meant for those who want to live in a tranquil neighbourhood while still enjoying the urban liveliness, and for those who need to move around easily by both public transports and car

What not to expect

An area with many pedestrian areas and important cultural places

Real estate market

The area offers XX-century apartment buildings, detached houses, former industrial sites and postwar buildings

You are going to fall in love with

A varied atmosphere, where the stillness of some historical mansions is in contrast with the energy generated by many social promotion associations


Ex factories, well connected to the public transportation, university, hospitals, organizations, gasholders, multiethnicity, melting pot, residential area, workshops, handicraft, neighbourhood stores, big trading structures, taverns, restaurants, street art, students, sport, upgrading, regeneration

Commute times

Duomo: 30 min. by car, 20 min. by public transportation
Castello Sforzesco: 15 min. by car, 15 min. by public transportation
Cadorna Station: 20 min. by car, 15 min. by public transportation
Central Station: 20 min. by car, 30 min. by public transportation
Milano Malpensa: 40 min. by car, 50 min. by public transportation
Milano Linate: 25 min. by car, 50 min. by public transportation


Closest underground lines
Line 3 (Stops Dergano, Affori Centro, Affori, Comasina)

Surface Transport
Well connected to both trams and buses

Railroad Service
Milano Bovisa railway station

Highways and freeways
40 min from the A1, 15 min from the A4, 20 min from A7, 20 from A8, 24 min from the East freeway, 30 min from West freeway, 12 min from North freeway


East: Rubicone avenue, Enrico Fermi avenue, Murat street

West: Laghi highway, Console Marcello street, Mac Mahon street

North: Towns of Baranzate and Novate Milanese

South: Monte Ceneri avenue, Lugano square, Bodio avenue, Jenner avenue, Marche avenue

Neighborhood areas
12. Bicocca, Niguarda
23. Maggiolina, Istria
24. Cenisio, Sarpi, Isola
14. Certosa, Cascina Merlata

A walk through the district

An area north of Milan that started as a major industrial center in the country and then turned into a meeting point for different cultures, creating a lively atmosphere which can be found for example at the Politecnico, one of the top universities in Italy and internationally.

What to expect

This area offers an efficient public transportation system which connects it to both the city center and the hinterland. It’s like exploring little villages, that still preserve local shops, ancient trattorias and bowls courts. The redevelopment of the entire area, thanks to the presence of the university, has attracted also trendy bars.


This area is idead for those who love the neighbourhood dimension, with its with liveliness and contradictions, but without being too far from the city center. You can easily park close to home and travel around with your car, although there are many public transport connections available.

What not to expect

This area is not meant for those who love contemporary buildings. big brands and important museums. It can’t be appreciated by those who don’t care for the multicultural mix and the street art pieces which enhance big parts of the buildings.

Real Estate market

The area is mainly residential, with Liberty-style buildings, postwar working-class apartment buildings, detached houses and big industrial spaces partly already redeveloped. Some former industrial areas are being converted into new apartment buildings

You are going to love…

You will love the wonderful Villas (Litta, Affori and Scheibler), the clubs with a stronng social engagement, and the imposing gasholders which represent a precious testimony of the area’s industrial vocation.

Behind the corner

The neighbourhood is close to the former Expo Area and the current Milano Rho-Pero exhibition center. Not too far away are also the Niguarda Hospital and the lively Isola district with its trendy bars and the Branca Museum. The vast green spaces of the Parco Nord can be easily accessed both by car and public transportation.

Featured Properties