29. Centrale, Repubblica

This area combines the modernity of the Porta Nuova and Palazzo Lombardia skyscrapers with the popular soul related to the web of little streets nearby Fara street, with a marked accommodating and tertiary vocation, which is evident in the buildings nearby Centrale Station. Enjoy the Biblioteca degli Alberi and the numerous cultural and sport events; go to visit the Shoah Memorial, at the so-called “track 21” where the deportations of Jewish people took place. Take advantage of the trading offer of Corso Buenos Aires and of the little shops in the narrow streets nearby.

Key Details

What to expect

An area well connected to the city centre, with the Porta Nuova new districts and fitted out with big infrastructures for the entrance to the city


The residential presence is mixed with accommodating buildings and those destinated to offices, creating a mix which makes the area lively at all hours

What not to expect

The beauty of the sculpted decorations and the painted ceramics make the Centrale Station a monumental architecture, waiting to be discovered

Real estate market

Council houses alternate with elegant buildings with facades which date back to the early XX century, in addition to some post-war high-quality architectures

You are going to fall in love with

The play of sinuous curves and silver reflections of the Palazzo Lombardia, and the opportunity to have access to the Belvedere roof, for a fantastic view on the city


Railway station, skyscrapers, hotels, offices, big retail chains, closeness to the city centre, ethnicity, Liberty, Deco, new architectures, trips, shopping, Belvedere roof, tertiary sector

Commute times

Duomo: 20 min. by car, 11 min. by public transportation
Castello Sforzesco: 15 min. by car, 13 min. by public transportation
Cadorna Station: 16 min. by car, 12 min. by public transportation
Porta Genova Station: 25 min. by car, 17 min. by public transportation
Milano Malpensa: 46 min. by car, 54 min. by public transportation
Milano Linate: 18 min. by car, 27 min. by public transportation


Closest underground lines
Line 2 and 3 (Centrale Stop)
Line 1 (Porta Venezia Stop)

Surface Transport
Well connected to both trams and buses 

Railroad Service
Centrale Station

Highways and freeways
20 min from the A1, 25 min from the A4, 25 min from the A7, 25 min from the A8, 20 min from the East freeway, 25 min from West freeway, 20 min from North freeway


East: Abruzzi avenue

West: Melchiorre Gioia street

North: Melchiorre Gioia street, Lunigiana avenue, Brianza avenue

South: Liberazione avenue, Galilei street, Repubblica Square, Regina Giovanna avenue

Neighborhood areas
24. Cenisio, Sarpi, Isola
23. Maggiolina, Istria
30. Garibaldi, Moscova, Porta Nuova
27. Quadronno, Palestro, Guastalla
28. Porta Venezia, Indipendenza
21. Città Studi, Susa
22. Pasteur, Rovereto

A walk through the district

This area has developed around Centrale Station: once it was the location for big factories, including the houses for workers, in line with the Isola district.
In the ‘50s many tertiary towers arose, which are nowadays a background for the big development of Porta Nuova, which has filled the empty space left by the Varesine railway station, which is currently the longest Milanese walkway through futuristic skyscrapers.

What to expect

This area combines the modernity of the Porta Nuova and Palazzo Lombardia skyscrapers with the popular soul related to the web of little streets nearby Fara street.

The marked accommodating and tertiary vocation is evident in the buildings nearby Centrale Station.


This area is meant for those who love discovering, referring to both elegant facades and unexpected courtyards, and little items or ethnic products shops in the quietest streets.

The residential element is mixed with hotels and offices, creating a mix which makes this area lively at all hours.

The unexpected

In this area art comes from the road: The Colonne dell’Arte are pillars of the Palazzo Lombardia, which have been transformed into art works by contemporary artists and can be seen at all hours from the glass walls of Restelli street.

The NYX Hotel interiors and bar’s ornaments are enriched with the Urbansolid, Seacreative and Peeta street art works.

In front of Centrale Station, the giant Pistoletto Apple is a background for an improvised meeting point for skaters in the Square itself; the colourful Repubblica MM/ Passante Ferroviario exits are fully painted by street artists thanks to the Artepassante Project.

Real Estate market

The most evident offers are tertiary centres and big hotels; however, you can find also real estate offers for all budgets: from council houses to small middle-class apartment buildings to the post-war high-quality architectures.

You are going to love…

Do not miss the spectacular view on the city from the Rooftop Bar of the Terrazza Gallia, with a view on Centrale Station. You will be amazed by the unexpected small domes which crown the houses of Corso Buenos Aires and the elegant Oratory loveliness of the XV century, which belongs to the Cascina Pozzobonelli.

You must stop by at the Boschi Di Stefano Collection, which is the result of the beautiful Marieda Di Stefano and Antonio Boschi’s history of passion and patronage; do not miss the graffiti of Sammartini street, which are dedicated to the female partisan who hid messages in the flower in her hair, and the exuberant Liberty facade of the house in Caretto street.

Behind the corner

This area is close to the Giardini Pubblici, with the Planetario, the Museo di Storia Naturale and the Villa Reale.
Not too far from it there is the Città Studi, an historical city area, which has been made young and lively by the presence of the university students. Close to it the brand new development of Porta Nuova stands out, one of the most trendy districts of Milan, and there’s also the Isola District, which is the symbol of the Milanese ability of rolling its sleeves up, regenerating itself, creating beauty and modernity, without denying its own origins.
The Porta Venezia Liberty district is the abode of the exclusive Milanese middle class, and it can be easily reached for a visit to Villa Necchi or for admiring the magnificent sinuous and colourful elegances of Casa Galimberti.

Featured Properties