32. Center

An elegant, historical and prestigious area, which is loved by tourists and residents: you will find chic pubs, fashion showrooms and important museums and theatres among refined Neoclassical palaces and the remains of the Romanesque Milan.

Key Details

What to expect

An elegant, suggestive and refined area where you are constantly surrounded by history and modernity


It is meant for those who love a noble and at the same time frenetic lifestyle, also thanks to the numerous tourists, and want to be surrounded by exclusive spaces where history is linked to the fashion industry, shopping, culture and greenery

What not to expect

A little tourist working-class area

Real estate market

The area provides a real estate offer which includes mainly tertiary buildings and houses with a Neoclassical style, the Liberty one, which date back the ‘20s and the post-war period; there are also banister houses with their unexpected courtyards

You are going to fall in love with

A refined atmosphere, full of history with courtyards of the XV century, green oases, cloisters and bell towers which alternate with museums, cinemas, theatres and pubs


Duomo, Castello Sforzesco, elegance, Liberty, Deco, historical complexes, monumental churches, museums, showrooms, art galleries, theatres, shopping, fashion industry, tourism, university, private and public greenery, historical stores, cocktail bars, restaurants, bohemian style, exclusivity, chic, courtyards, cloisters, Orto Botanico, Old Milan, finance, tertiary sector, residences, well connected to the public transportation

Commute times

Centrale Station: 15 min. by car, 10 min. by public transportation
Milano Malpensa: 45 min. by car, 1h by public transportation
Milano Linate: 25 min. by car, 35 min. by public transportation


Closest underground lines
Line 1 (Stops Cadorna, Cairoli, Cordusio, Duomo, San Babila)
Line 2 (Stops Cadorna, Lanza, St. Ambrogio)
Line 3 (Stops Montenapoleone, Duomo, Missori)
Line 4, still under construction (Stops San Babila, Sforza Policlinico, Santa Sofia, Vetra, De Amicis, St. Ambrogio)

Surface Transport
Well connected to both trams and buses

Railroad Service
Cadorna railway station (Railroad with Malpensa Express)

Highways and freeways
30 min from the A1, 20 min from the A4, 20 min from the A7, 25 min from the A8, 25 min from the East freeway, 30 min from the West freeway, 25 min from the North freeway


East: Senato street, S. Damiano street, Visconti di Modrone street, Sforza street

West: Railroad, Cadorna Square, Carducci street

North: Parco Sempione, Foro Bonaparte, Pontaccio street, Fatebenefratelli street

South: de Amicis street, Molino delle Armi street, Santa Sofia street

Neighborhood areas
30. Garibaldi, Moscova, Porta Nuova
26. Porta Genova, Ticinese
31. Arco della Pace, Arena, Pagano
27. Quadronno, Palestro, Guastalla

A walk through the district

In the centre of the Milanese metropolis, among upper-middle class elegance and refinement, you can breathe history from every corner, even from the unexpected one, and you can admire modern buildings built by archistar. Churches, museums, exclusive fashion stores and theatres make this area a favourite destination for all the tourists of the world.

What to expect

With an efficient transport system, this suggestive and welcoming area is the heartbeat of the Milanese history and soul, thanks to its museums, its churches, its exclusive shopping districts and tourist and chic pubs.

Although there aren’t lively local markets, here you can find historical high-quality workshops and one of the coolest foods&beverage offer of Milan.


This district is meant for those who love living in an elegant and green area surrounded by the frenetic rhythms of the city, with its many events and the important cultural initiatives promoted by theatres and museums.

Here there’s no need to use the car, you can benefit from using bicycles or the public transportation, which are efficient and frequented, in order to explore the deep roots of the city; you can also walk through exclusive and suggestive places where often tourists from all over the world come to visit.

What not to expect

This area is not meant for those who want to live in futuristic buildings and have big malls and supermarkets with driveway at hand. Here you will not find neither the accuracy of the working-class districts with their alternative and multi-ethnic soul, nor local markets where you can be surrounded by the atmosphere of a more genuine Milan.

Real Estate market

The area provides a real estate offer related to the tertiary sector and residences.

Most of the buildings are elegant and they were built around the end of the XIX century, although there are also buildings of the ‘20s and high-quality buildings originated during the post-war period.
In the Brera district there are houses with small courtyards, which give a chic version of the Old Milan.

You are going to love…

In this area you will love the cloisters, the courtyards, the unexpected paths on the gallery roofs and the suggestive historical churches which call to mind a mystic past.

Behind the corner

Close to this area there are the Santa Maria delle Grazie church, the Cenacolo and other Leonardo’s places, with the Vigna di Leonardo. Not too far from it there’s the Museo della Scienza e della Tecnologia, the Policlinico, the fascinating Giardini della Guastalla Guastalla and the Giardini Pubblici. Moreover, you can easily reach the precious Villa Necchi Campiglio, the Acquario Civico and the Piccolo Theatre.

Featured Properties