A neighborhood where you can breathe the real atmosphere of Milan’s past, strolling through typical trattorias and historic shops: Porta Romana.


Although the ancient canals, fields, factories and railways are just a memory of the past, a walk in this area means a walk through history. From buildings-facades in the Liberty style, to the bright young faces attending IED and Bocconi University.


The neighborhood



Whether you want to savor the vibe of the Milan of the past, with its historic boutiques and old-school “trattoria” restaurants, or run into future managers and designers enjoying their after-class aperitivo, Porta Romana is the place to go.

A day with…Giacomo Poretti


It’s easy to fall in love with Porta Romana and hard to resist the charm of its characterful streets, trattorias and historical shops. The best way to experience Porta Romana’s hidden gems is to have a special guide – an authentic local personality like Giacomo Poretti, one third of the “Aldo, Giovanni e Giacomo” comedy trio.


Dils Podcast – Porta Romana


The first stop of the “This is my Milano” journey is Porta Romana, an area in the south of the city where past and present coexist in harmony. The majestic “Porta” itself, usually known as the “Porta Romana Arch”, is the last remaining bastion of the Spanish occupation. From its heights, the view extends over the neighborhood’s crowded streets and historic shops.




Giorgio Terruzzi starts his journey from Corso di Porta Romana 3, at Palazzo Acerbi: a mysterious and foreboding building where, as legend has it, Lucifer himself once lived. The walk then follows Via Francesco Sforza, once home to ancient canals and lakes, and continues along the elegant Via San Barnaba towards the city center. Before reaching Corso Lodi and finally Via Crema, the historic “Casa Lisio” in Piazzale Libia is definitely worth a visit. Terruzzi then meets actor Giacomo Poretti, artistic director of Teatro Oscar, and Andrée Ruth Shammah, director of Teatro Franco Parenti, one of the most vibrant cultural institutions in Milan.

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Experience the neighborhood:


Experience the neighborhood:


Experience the neighborhood:


Experience the neighborhood: