At Bagni Misteriosi, the inaugural neighborhood celebration of This is my Milano unfolded, aimed at uncovering the essence of Porta Romana’s territory and its non-profit world.


Launching This is my Milano, Dils’ project is designed to uplift the city’s neighborhoods by providing tangible support to local associations and unveiling authentic narratives of the community. Porta Romana, Lambrate, Isola, Maggiolina, Scalo di Porta Romana, and Monti-Magenta are the first six neighborhoods embraced by the initiative.

The “Festa di quartiere” (Neighborhood party), a cornerstone event fostering camaraderie and inclusivity among families and citizens, drew over 4,500 participants to Porta Romana on Sunday, May 7th. The venue, nestled amidst the enchanting Bagni Misteriosi alongside the renowned Teatro Franco Parenti, symbolizes one of Italy’s foremost cultural hubs.

The festivities commenced with a grand parade led by the Triuggio Marching Band, winding through the neighborhood’s streets. Subsequent theatrical performances at the Bagni Misteriosi captivated attendees.

An array of activities tailored for children filled the day, including interactive games, Leonardo da Vinci-themed escape rooms, and imaginative workshops, culminating in a live performance by the Slide Pistons.

A primary aim of This is my Milano’ is to unveil the distinctiveness of each neighborhood, achieved through the creation of original multimedia content available online in the Racconti di quartiere (Neighborhood stories) section of the project’s website.

Moreover, This is my Milano doubles as a Give Back initiative, channeling support towards neighborhoods and the community. In Porta Romana, Dils’ backing has catalyzed activities, expanding and revitalizing cultural spaces such as the Teatro Parenti and the Teatro Oscar deSidera, underscoring the pivotal role of culture in shaping both the neighborhood and the broader Milanese landscape.

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