23. Maggiolina, Istria

An area on a human scale waiting to be explored, among nature, water and curious residences, where you can be surrounded by silence and have all the services at hand.

Key Details

What to expect

A green middle-class residential area with many villas with garden and little apartment buildings, well connected to the public transportation and fitted out with many neighborhood stores


It is meant for those who love a calm lifestyle, surrounded by greenery and by the residential stillness

What not to expect

A lively area with trendy nightclubs and restaurants which propose alternative food

Real estate market

A real estate offer which mainly includes villas with garden and high-quality apartment buildings

You are going to fall in love with

A poetic and suggestive atmosphere far from the frenzy, although remaining in the city


Greenery, serenity, families, well connecetd to the public transportation, Naviglio Martesana, igloo-like houses, neighborhood stores, traditional restaurants, associations, volunteering, street art, reporters, Centrale Station

Commute times

Duomo: 20 min. by car, 13 min. by public transportation
Castello Sforzesco: 15 min. by car, 15 min. by public transportation
Cadorna Station: 15 min. by car, 15 min. by public transportation
Centrale Station: 5 min. by car, 8 min. by public transportation
Milano Malpensa: 40 min. by car, 1h by public transportation
Milano Linate: 20 min. by car, 50 min. by public transportation


Closest underground lines
Line 3 (Stops Zara, Sondrio)
Line 5 (Stops Marche, Istria)

Surface Transport
Well connected to both trams and buses

Railroad Service
Close to the Centrale Station 

Highways and freeways
25 min from both A1 and A7, 20 min from both A4 and A8, 20 min from the East freeway, 30 min from West freeway, 20 min from North freeway


East: Aporti street, Railroad

West: Murat street

North: Largo Desio, Pallanza street 

South: Marche avenue, Taramelli street, Sondrio avenue, Melchiorre Gioia street, Lunigiana avenue

Neighborhood areas
24. Cenisio, Sarpi, Isola
12. Bicocca, Niguarda
11. Precotto, Turro
22. Pasteur, Rovereto
29. Centrale, Repubblica
13. Affori, Bovisa

A walk through the district

An area full of residential “garden villages” and more popular buildings which originated close to ex factories, no more recognizable nowadays. In this area you can breathe a calm atmosphere especially thanks to the presence of residential greenery and the flowing of the water close to the Naviglio Martesana.

What to expect

Not too far from the principal city centres, this area is an island of stillness and serenity, where nature and the flowing of the Naviglio waters prevail.

The varied neighborhood trading and the catering offer are meant for all budgets and tastes. Both young community places, which organize exhibitions and events, and spaces dedicated to more fragile people are common.


This district is particularly meant for those who are looking for a house in a calm area surrounded by greenery, closely to nature and the Naviglio Martesana, without renouncing to the closeness to the city canter, thanks to the well connection to the public transportation.

Moreover, if you appreciate a context where restaurants and bistros with an unusual and alternative, but at the same time traditional atmosphere are common, this is the right area for you.

What not to expect

This area is not meant for those who love an international lifestyle livened up by the nightlife.

It can’t be appreciated by those who don’t care for a calm life surrounded by nature, where street art works also gleam.

Real Estate market

The area mainly offers residences where villas with private garden and high-quality apartment buildings, inhabited by professionals, prevail.

There are also buildings under construction which present eco-friendly requirements and redeveloping complexes.

You are going to love…

In this are you will love the uncommon igloo-like houses, the historical bowls club of 1850 and the out of time atmosphere which can be breathed along the Martesana banks.

Moreover, you will be amazed by finding a track for the skateboarding lovers in such a calm area.

Behind the corner

The area is close to the Centrale Station, an important transfer point, and the Pirelli Skyscraper. Not too far from it, you can reach the Isola district and Porta Nuova with the Biblioteca degli Alberi and the Palazzo Lombardia.
Close to it there’s NoLo, a district that has become particularly trendy for young and creative people in recent years.

Featured Properties